validate qty(physical inventory) in physical inventory journal


i need help please

i need to made inventory to a store(medical) from physical inventory journal ---------------> calculate inventory

then all items available in this store inserted into journal all this no problem my problem that i have 25000 item in this store i have excel sheet with qty(ph…inventory) for these items i cant manually insert qty(ph inventory) into journal

so i use dataport and ok importing qty(ph inventory) into journal but field quantity not changed and also field entry type

these two field only changed after manual writing qty(ph inventory) i am trying to call validate function for this field onafterimportrecord but not success

your help highly appreciated

Did you try setting CallFieldValidate property to yes?


in onvalidate fuction of qty(phy. inv) there is testfield(phy. inv,True) so it check only the phy. inv True value. So, while importing u hav to make the phy. inv to true for concern item then it will validate.

mohana , sai ram thanks for reply

i call validation function for qty(phy. inv) and (phy. inv) := true but when i check journal lines and quantity still = 0 without any chang

We were having the same discussion with our consultants and internal team and as it seems there is no straight-forward way for this officially that is.
Even the NAV exams, as I was told, says it must be done manually.

Nonetheless, if you found a way it would be nice to share it.