Validate global form variable from other variable

I have defined 2 global variables on a form:


I would like to validate gTxtGlobalFormVariable2 from the OnValidate trigger in gTxtGlobalFormVariable1. Is this possible?

Wht exactly do you mean by validate?

You want to insert text entered in variable 1 to variable 2?


No, that would be no problem.
After having inserted a text in variable 1, the OnValidate of variable 2 should be triggered, since this contains some code that I would like to be excecuted. But I don’t want the user to go to this second variable text box and press F2…
Perhaps you are thinking, why bother to use the second variable, and put all the code in the first, but that’s a bit a historical issue.
Just want to know if you can validate a variable from another variable as you would do with a field. Like Customer.VALIDATE(“No.”), for example.

I think not possible…

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Hi Michiel,

Mohana is correct, you cannot call the onValidate of a variable field on a form.

But how about creating the validate code for your variables as functions and then just call both function 1 and 2?