Validate field on request page on report (processedonly) in BC


I have created report (processedonly), on request page I have few fields and how to make these field manditory?
I want to do some validation on buttons Plan or OK. or do some check before this report is scheduled to run as Job queue entries. May I know how to do it on BC15 or 19 onprem?

Thanks in advance.

The request page would not be used if you are to run this via Job Queue. You would need to provide those values in another way. Two ways would be either by a “setup” table the Job would read. Or via the Job Entry’s parameter string.

Thank you so much for your reply.
In BC we have opportunity to run report, adjust the request page and schedule it by clicking Plan button to run report later( which creates job queue entry) like below .


My question is, do we have some events like onBeforePlan( before schedule process start) where I can write code to do some validation.

Ok. Wasn’t clear you intended to use this feature.