v4 sp 1 client on NT4 os ????

Has anyone done this and if so whats the trick ?

My problem is that the end user is mid merge of 2 existing systems and the citrix server is on NT4. The lan users are connecting to a 2003 server hence the reason for upgrading 2.01 client to v4 sp1.

I need 5 concurrent connections so cannot use RDP !!!

Is there any way around this or any cheap alternative suggestions at this stage ???


The cheapest solution would be to buy a new 2003 server, hardware and software is much cheaper than paying someone to screwdriver an NT4 box. I assume it can be done, but it ain’t gonna be easy.

If I understand you properly, the 2003 server already exists and runs the 4.0 database ?

So the solution for your problem would be to use the Terminal Server which is built in to Win2003 already.

So you can use the RDP protocol AND you can have several clients connecting.