V4 Item.Inventory Field locked

Has anyone come across the problem where the Item Inventory field has been locked, ie. the user cannot drill into the Item Ledger entries. The same occurs on the G/L Account Balance on the COA form. The only way to free up the field is to close the database and re-open. This is V4 Navision on native database.

Is this on a 4.0 or 4.0 SP1 DB ? Is this with a super user or with a normal user ? Is this with a customer license or with a dev license ?

Hi All, I encountered the same problem in Navision 4.0. some times it stops you from drilling down into Item Balance field and Customer Balance field. But this doesn’t happen in 4.0 (SP1) Kind regards, Panjam.

The drill down functionality still exists in the system with use of the F key, although at times the arrow icon goes missing and it seems you cannot drill down. As stated I believe resolved in SP1.