V4.0 Shortcut menus

Hi Unsure where to post this question, so chose this one! If I create groups within the shortcut menu and then place items within the folders when I next log onto Navision 4.0 the folder is contained within the folder. Sorry for the poor explanation! I will give you an example. I create the following menu structure under shortcuts, So the item card is within the Inventory folder and the Sales orders are within the sales folder with both folders at teh same level:


Inventory --Item Sales --Orders

When I log out of Navision and log back in it looks like this, the sales folder is now within the inventory folder with the sales orders effectively at a third level:


Inventory --Item --Sales ----Orders

I am getting the same on SQL and Native versions (GB). Anyone else seen it? Anyone know of a solution? - it is a little annoying [:D]

I’ve seen it happen (NA Version). If you move the Sales Group back out, it seems to stay (most of the time [:D])

Hi Chris In reality I had eight groups. The first four times I logged in I re-cut the groups out, but each time I logged back in they had returned to the incorrect structure! So fo r me it has not stayed once yet, and I cannot be bothered to keep altering them! Thanks for the input though.

Sorry Steven, I can’t seem to reproduce it using W1. Can you maybe try to explain how you created that shortcut menu structure in a step by step fashion? The issue could come from a very specific series of actions and I could be doing it in a slightly different way which avoids the bug(?).

Hi Nelson & Chris I have managed to resolve this I believe, although I have no idea what causes it! To reproduce I do the following: 1. Go to the shortcuts menu. 2. Right Mouse Click and select “Create Group” 3. Name the Group “Inventory” 4. Repeat steps 2&3 but this time name it “Sales” 5. Go to Warehouse - Planning & Execution. Right mouse click on Items and select “Send to Shortcuts” 6. Go to Sales & Marketing - Order Processing. Right mouse click on Orders and select “Send to Shortcuts” 7. Go to the Short Cut Menus. All 4 items are listed seperately. 8. Right mouse click on Orders and seelct Cut, select the Sales Group, right mouse clisk on the empty group part and seelct paste. 9. Repeat 8 for Items in Inventory. However if I do this I do not get the same. Send the shortcuts to the shortcut menu first. Create the groups. “Copy” the shortcuts into the groups. Delete the remaining shortcuts. So it was how I was doing it - very annoying! Cheers for the input.

OK, I can now get the exact same behaviour by following your first instructions. Funny stuff, it’s definitely a bug of some sort. I’m guessing there’s an internal MenuLevel variable which keeps track of Shorcut menus and gets messed up somewhere along the way. Did you report it to Microsoft? Maybe they’re not yet aware of it.

Hi Nelson I will be reporting it, it is on my list to-do!

This bug also exists in design mode, when designing a MenuSuite object. The problem is with Cut/Paste within the same menu - if you avoid that by doing copy and delete you can avoid it. Thanks for posting the info. I have ensured that this will be fixed in the next update to 4.0.

Thanks Robert. I think we all appreciate your effort.

Thanks for striking it from my to-do list for me Robert!