v2009 r2 - Database server install problem

Good day,

I’ve tested our 4.03 NAV system with the 2009 r2 client. Now, I’d like to upgrade our test server. When I install the NAV 2009 R2 ‘Database Server’, there is no opportunity to do setup parameters like Server Name and Network Protocol. The installation is being done on a Windows Server 2003 system. Does anyone know why this important step does not happen after the initial installation?

At the moment, I’m using documentation from the v5 Standard Database Server installation chapter. I have not found doco for the new v2009 release.

We’d like to upgrade our clients to Windows 7. Since v4.03 is not officially supported, we’d like to do an technical upgrade to the latest version.


Hi A K,

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You can set the parameters during install if you click on the Database Server link in the Specify Parameters screen in the wizard.

If you have already installed the Database Server, then you can use the MMC command to configure the server

After some trial and error along with multiple un-install/re-install attempts, our test Database Server is running. Here are a few notes in case anyone is interested. I’ve included some text from the standard MS install doco plus my own additions.

After you specify a customized component list (classic client and database server), you come to the Specify parameters pane in Setup. Click Database Server (the underscore indicates that this component is configurable [I missed this instruction initially]) to open an Installation Parameters pane. Here you can specify Server Name, Network Protocol and cache parameters. (Server Name is not necessarily the machine name even though it defaults to this, it can be a more descriptive name like ServerNameNAVdb.) Go ahead with the installation. Our system does not use Active Directory so there was an error that showed up in the event log. This may have prevented the licence file setup from being specified.

I used the classic client to first open the database and convert the format to v2009. I then tried to access the server locally. There was an error that the licence file was not found. Then, I was not able to open our test database as it was too large. At this point, I was not able to change the licence file pointer even after copying over our licence and renaming to fin.flf. However after another uninstall/reinstall, the server picked our fin.flf and opened our test database.

There is no option to specify a database during installation but I was able to do this via the client connection setup.

I was also unable to get the ‘Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Server Manager’ to run initially and display any info about the server. I got hung up on the ‘This is the name that you gave the server when you installed it and must not contain any spaces.’ However when I put in the the plain server name in both fields (instead of something fancy like ‘Microsoft Dynamics NAVDatabaseServer’, the status info was displayed. And then a database could be specified for all clients to connect to automatically.

I don’t know if this helps others but these notes should help me make the required changes for the production server after more testing on the test server.