V2.6 A and SQL Server 2000

Does anybody know whether V2.6 A already work with SQL Server 2000 ? Is SQL Server 2000 also released by Navision for usage with V2.6 A ? Thanks for your help.

You need to get the v2.60c hotfix. Jack

Yes 2.60 works with SQL Server 2000 - also Navision 2.60D will be available soon. It will be work faster with SQL.

NF 2.60 will work with SQL Server 7, but you need to have at least 2.60C (that is all updates/servicepacks/hotfixes installed) to use SQL 2000. The latest update, incorporating some improvements on query performance, is 2.60D and should be available for download from the local Navision office (in Holland it is). John