I want to compare a date field with the current date of the system
My field is then call eg DateField and I want to display the commands in this record day, knowing that my field is type UtcDateTime.
datefield> = dateSystemBeginDay
datefield <= ​​dateSystemEndDay
then there exists a method that defines and dateSystemBeginDay dateSystemEndDay
thank you

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Posted on your other thread…but here is code again:

static void Job72(Args _args)


date systemDate;

utcDateTime utcStart, utcEnd;


systemDate = DateTimeUtil::date(datetimeutil::getSystemDateTime());

info(strfmt(“System Date: %1”, systemDate));

utcStart = DateTimeUtil::newDateTime(systemDate, 0);

info(strfmt(“UTC Start: %1”, utcStart));

utcEnd = DateTimeUtil::addDays(utcStart, 1);

info(strfmt(“UTC End: %1”, utcEnd));