USPS address verification

Does anyone have a good way to verify addresses using USPS and integrating it into NAV2013?

use the usps webservice api.

start with

you’ll need a registration.

The API is great if you need to verify a mass of addresses.

We have also added simple buttons to the Vendor & Customer cards with code:


HYPERLINK(‘!input.action?resultMode=0&companyName=’+Name+’&address1=’+ Address+’&address2=’+“Address 2”+’&city=’+City+’&state=’+State+’&zip=’+“ZIP Code”);

For Sales Order…


HYPERLINK(‘!input.action?resultMode=0&companyName=’+“Ship-to Name”+’&address1=’+ “Ship-to Address”+’&address2=’+“Ship-to Address 2”+’&city=’+“Ship-to City”+’&state=’+“Ship-to State”+’&zip=’+“Ship-to ZIP Code”);

These work just fine for us when we need to verfiy a specific address at the click of a button. Depends on what your need is.

Other useful buttons:

Map the location:
HYPERLINK(‘’ +Address+’ ‘+“Address 2”+’ ‘+“ZIP Code”+’ '+City);

Get Directions To:
HYPERLINK(‘ address here+your zip here+your city here&daddr=’ +Address+’ ‘+“Address 2”+’ ‘+“ZIP Code”+’ '+City);

I think that would work well, I am wanting to put it on the sales order, where exactly would I add it to that code?

you could add a new action button “verify address” and add there the needed code or write a verify-function and add a function call to the address fields (address, zip, city, …) in the onvalidate trigger (table sales header).