using word-document in navision

I want to create a welcomeletter for our new customers. To make maintaining of this letter easy i want to create a letter in Word, where there are filled the post- and salutatory-address by navision-code. How can C/AL get access to the desired letter and fill the required fields in the word-document ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

You could use the codbc driver to use the mail merge feature directly in Word, Set up the letter to connect to the customer file and then just query for the new customers. I believe to be able to get the word document filled out directly in Navision you will need to have OCX license and custom programing required. If you do not have the codbc license you could create a dataport that exported the info to a text file, and your Word document could use that file for its database info. You could add a button on the customer card to call the dataport. Just a few ideas David

Hey David, i don’t know much about word, but isn’t there a possibility to create serial letters ? Could be a way… thanks for your thoughts Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst