Using Web to interface with Navision

Hello Everyone, I am new to the community of Navision and would like some assistance in regards to Navision and Web. Currently my company have all its employees enter their time sheets in an excel spreadsheet, make necessary corrections, then upload the data into Navision. What we ultimately want is a way to utilize HTML or Java and have the employees enter everything using IE or Netscape. Once the data is entered then have HTML/Java uploa everything to Navision. Is this possible? Seems from what I have been reading, it should be but, I am still confused as to how everything ties in together. If you can please list what needs to be done. What kind of objects can I use in Attain 3.6 to do this? Like I said I am new at this so forgive me for my ignorance. [:D]

Check out the User Portal functionality. I believe using User Portals you can create a custom front end which will interface on the Web, through a standard browser, directly into Navision.

Hmmm,where is the User Portal Functionality?

It’s one of the Navision eCommerce features. If you have access to a Navision CD (and every installation should have one of these), you will find an applicable PDF manual on that CD in the Doc directory. It will be named something like w1w1upig.pdf; it is the User Portal Installation Guide. That should give you some information to start with.

Thanks Dave, I found those PDFs…