Using Variants in Item Tracking

One of our customers would like to use the variant field in Item Tracking (NOT on the Purchase Line itself, because there might be different variants for the same line). They basically want Variant to function like the Lot No and Serial No fields. However, the Variant field in the Item Tracking form (Attain 3.6) is not visible or editable, the lookup does not work, and once that is fixed, the Warehouse Receipt can’t be posted (“You must not specify Variant Code in Reservation Entry”). And I expect there are several other problems that I don’t know about yet, as Item Tracking can be tricky in Navision. Does anyone know why Variant functionality in Item Tracking does not currently work? And do I have to change all the triggers in all the objects that use SN or LN, or is there a quicker way of getting Variants to function properly? Thanks in advance. Alastair

You are misreading the variant functionality. All posting routines assume ONE variant code per line, so it is correct that you should not be able to change the variant code in Item Tracking. Variant Code functionality is working properly, or I should say ‘as designed’ :).

Thanks Daniel, we will see if the client is happy with the Navision way of entering the Variant on the Purchase Line, and the SN/LN on the Item Tracking Line. I hope so, as it will mean much less work and problems (there are still at least two bugs to fix - 1. if a variant is renamed, the change is propagated to almost all tables, but not Posted Whse Rcpt 2. the lookup on Posted Whse Rcpt lists variants of all items) Alastair

Hi Alastair, Both the problems has been fixed in v3.70. Replace “Item Variant” WHERE (Item No.=FIELD(Item No.)) With “Item Variant”.Code WHERE (Item No.=FIELD(Item No.)) Naveen Jain

Hi Naveen, thanks for that fix - it is such a simple bug, and yet so easy to overlook. I can imagine spending an hour or more trying to figure it out before it hit me. And thanks to Erik for running the site - this sort of posting is one of the things that make it so helpful. Alastair