using the client table as common over 2 companies

Hallo, Has anyone done this before ? I want to setup the client table so that i can use it in both the companies available in the database. I’m aware that there will be more than one other table to change the properties to. How can i be sure to change all the relating tables. Is there perhaps another suggestion ?

Philippe, It depends a bit on which information you want to share. If it’s only the customer name and adress (as seen on the Customer Card), then Customer (table 18, 19, 20) is enough. But you’ll probably want to share the Ship-to adresses (t. 222) too, and the Comments (t.97). But there are also a couple of pitfalls to be careful about. For instance, your various Posting Groups needs to be equal in all companies, and be aware of Discounts. Probably the best approach is to go through the list of tables, and decide for each table, which is related to customer information in any way, if it needs to be shared or not. It can be done (we have customers running 6 adm’s with shared customers, items and a lot of other stuff), but it requires a thoughtfull approach. John