Using security filter permission in Reporting Services

Hi. I am not an Nav user nor Nav developer, but a MS BI developer. I don’t know Nav very well. One of our clients has Nav and wants to be able to use permission set in Nav for SSRS reports. They use windows logins. The way I want to implement this is by grabbing the username of the user running the report and see if the have the right to read the data. This is no problem with conventional roles, as I can always read from the Nav tables what tables the user (or group) can read, but the problem is security filters. The client har applied security filters on several roles but when I look in the permission table the security filter is only represented by a hash code.

My question is therefore. Is it possible to see in the database what restriction the security filter is applying?

The best wey for you, is use active directory. In my company, we use active directoy, so when your SSRS has been configured, and your report is uploaded, you can configure the security easy in the report properities.

I know how I would want to do it, and I know how the client wants it done. They don’t want to maintain security in more then one place and they want to maintain it in Nav. Therefore they want to use nav security only and want SSRS to reflect that.

I hope it is possible to do, but I fear its not.

Hi Ásgeir,

I have never tried this, but I’m afraid that it’s not possible. In MHO then the security filter was something MS did as a “quick fix” because they where lacking time to do a more sophisticated security filter. Most reports that I have received about the security filters have been that it’s not really worth working with it, as it simply requires too much of a setup and you can still not trust the filters 100%. At least this is what I heard in versions before NAV 5.0. I have not heard much about it the last 2 years.

Thanks for the answer Erik. To bad its not possible

Can you let me know what kind of security filter you are talking about. I’m a BI developper as well.

I know they is way to assign the user to specified report by query according to other Application security policy. if you can link serval tables accross the database, and let me know the security filter, I think I can give you some clue. Owing to the system enivorement and customer requirement are different. So you have to find out the solution yourself.