Using RIM to create more companies by copying data from existing one

Hi all,

I am trying to find a way to rapidly creating companies. I have not used RIM tools to setup the first one. So what is the best way to setup the other? Defining a company type that I will use when creating a new company? Any ideas will be appreciated.


Hi there taty,

The RIM tool allows you to create new companies based upon a set of out-of-the box company templates, but did you know that you can create those templates yourself?

One good way to do this is to take a company that you want to copy, then use the Data Migration tool, which is part of the RIM toolkit, and add the tables you want to be populated in the new company. You can use the setup checklist to get a good idea of the tables you should be setting up, or you can look at one of the existing RIM company files.

Once you have added all of the tables to the data migtation, tool, you can export all of the tables as XML into a single file. Then you have a new template you can use for creating new companies. You need to add this template into the list of available templates by editing the XML file (forget exact name) in your local NAV folder.

Make sure if you’ve exported from an existing company, you edit the XML file to reset any number series you may which to use.

There are other ways of copying data from an existing company. It may be that you would find it easier to create the company and use the setup checklist to copy data across. Personally I find the RIM toolkit easy to use.



Thanks Dave for your ideas.

My question: Where can I found a good document that explain that process step by step as I need to use that for evry company I need to create each time there is a need base on existing company.

Dear Deave,

You can create a database standart with the setts needed and than you can restore this database as your needs. When you resotere the company automaticly there are restored tables and setts.

RIM setup contains manual, too - describing the process. Now forum Search works again (Erik did some maintenance), so you can use it --keyword RIM-- to find previous threads about RIM, and in Blogs part there are posts about RIM.

Cool! Thank you Modris. I will check tnat