Using Requisition worksheet

Hi all! Before creation a requisition that can be turn later into a PO, I want to be able to check for a specific job if items are available. How can I do that? Thanks

Hi Shanna What are you attempting to achieve? The requisition worksheet will use the standard reorder levels, assuming you are not getting special or drop shipment orders and plan to requirements, it will only look at requirements, not jobs. Whilst some consider jobs funcitonal there are many percieved limitations with them in Navision, and you may find with many requests that the funcitonality is simply not there as standard.

GOT It. Thansk Steven. In fact, I would like to know before creating requisitions if I have stock on hand. It looks like the response is no. So my questions: - How can I change the system to allow planner to be able to know what he needs to purchase for a specific job?? How can I know also if my requirements have been fulfilled ( means parts ordered for a specific job have been received) Thanks

Hi Shanna To plan against jobs rather than orders you would need to develop the system. If you create all the sales orders related to jobs and have set the item policies up correctly Navision will plan correctly. You can run the inventory availability to see what you have not got if you want. If you want to know the parts against a job you could run the vendor order detail report and on the purchase line tab specify the job number, this will then list the outstanding quantity (assuming you filter on >0 on this field as well).

Thanks Steven. What you propose is it standard or custum?

The planning against jobs would require development, everything after that first line is standard Navision, the reports I refer to exist, so you could do this as standard outside of the requisition worksheet.

Thanks for your help Steven