Using Repair order in Nav4

Hi guys! Does someone knows how I can manage repair order in Navision without the service module ( my customer does not have that module) by using some workarounds?? Here is the scenario: 1. Sometimes we receive parts ( that belong to our customer or no) or tools ( back from calibration) that were out for some special work. 2. each part or tool if outside should have the status 'unserviseable" that means not available to use. My steps are: - Send the part ( which is mine or for my customer) outside for work - Receipt of the quote from the supplier - Receipt of the part or the tool once finish-- Important at the receiving back to customer inventory, it should be clear that that item is not our item - Inspection is done ( on all items that were out) We have at leat 10 -15 repair orders per week. How to manage those orders? Thanks.

Sounds like you need to use subocontracting within the manufacturing modules, but at 10-15 a week I would NOT go down this route. You could manually control return orders, have customer returns, and supplier returns and using customer specific locations control where the inventory is, but it really depends what the true processing, controls and levels are, you could write a simple repair order module, but all of this depends upon the level of control you require.

Thanks Steven. I think I will use return orders approch with customer location as you mention.It’s not ideal but at least it can do the job. Ps: yes I odnt want to use subcontracting as we dont have manufacturing modules. Thank again