Using previous year periods in date filter.

We are currently using acc periods as our periods do not correspond with system months.

When entering p1,p2 etc into date filter fields, the system assumes you are referring to the current system year (2008).

In jan 08 our commercial users will be reviewing their figures for p12 2007 and entering p12 into their date filters. This obviously pulls up the date range set for p12 2008. makes sense, but it pulls up zero values as there are no figures for dec 08 yet. If we only setup the first 6 periods of 08 in the acc period calendar setup, p12 pulls up the last period range setup (p6 2008).

is there any way for users to enter p12 2007 or similar in the date range fields ?

We want to avoid them entering the true period date range 281107…311207 for example, into the field as this will lead to errors, as they are used to using the period shortcut throughout the rest of the year.

Sorry not really sure where you are doing this. Assuming it is a standard date filter for the account periods then you could enter P-12, this will preset the date filter to a year ago.

ahh, simple as that. wasn’t aware of the minus symbol feature.

many thanks.

Or just set the Work Date to “any” date in 2007. “p” - calculation will consider the work date (Tools → Work Date…).