using pack and unpack methods for excel export

Hi All,
I use AX2012 R3. I have recently developed a functionality that exports search results to an excel workbook that contains several tabs and designs.
Since the destination is a customized workbook with predefined headings and fonts I was not able to use DIXF and hence proceeded with SysExcel classes and Excel macros.
To improve the performance I have sent the cell data in arrays for each row and improved the speed significantly.However the speed is not good enough for larger exports say 10,000 records.
As an alternate approach I am thinking of using batch process , taking the help of pack and unpack methods.
Can we achieve the same functionality using pack and unpack methods extending my existing classes to run batch?If so, since I am new to batch processes, can anyone please suggest how I can proceed?
Any help is appreciated.

I don’t think SysExcel classes will run in batch, they were meant to run on Client.