Using Navision worldwide

Hi all!

I have a prospect who has multiple companies around the world : China, Canada, Spain, Australia and he want to run on one database with only one license. Does Navision can handle that type of integration? I know that Navision supports multilanguage but what about specific specs that are localised such as taxes in Canada,etc…

Any clue?


As such there is no Version of Navision out of the box that does this. But many companies are doing this on a regular basis. You can either apply the changes from other country database into a W1 database, or you could run each country on a separate database on the same Citrix server. This is not a straight forward process, but definitely its possible.

When choosing the database, it’s a good idea to choose a database that has the most localizations. But depending on where your solution center is registered, sometimes that may not be possible.

I’ve heard the NA version has the most localizations, so if your customer has a US branch, it’s a good idea to purchase the US version.

Thanks David and Alex for your reply.

How long it could take to do such a localization per country? and what exactly should be done? How other Navision multi site, multi companies are handle that? Is it a big job to do that?

Do you think that the only way is to have separate databases via the same citrix server?

What Microsoft suggest about that??

Thanks for any help.

The localizations are done to satisfy the local tax and business practice requirements. One great thing about Navision is that the WW version has all the base functionalities to satisfy most local tax and reporting requirements.

Having a database per country probably it’s the easiest way of implementing in NAV in all countries.

The cleanest way it’s merging all localizations in a single localization. To achieve that you must have knowledge of country features. For example, Spain has a feature called “cartera”, this feature makes lot modifications, but isn’t necessary of merging this feature if will not use it.

I guess you must consider all possibilities and know customer requirements

Thanks all for your answers.

So I will go with the WW database as the base and gather all customer requirements.


Based on the countries listed you will need US Sales Tax module for CA (and can also be used for Spain to solve their 2 different VAT types applyed on the same invoice for some non-legal entities). Furthermore Spain do have some complex specific requirements to legal books etc. AU do not have many special requirements and can be easily handled. CN have a few legal reports.

I have worked with a company having 30 different companies in one W1 database with our own international legal module to solve the local VAT/Tax/Accounting requirements as we used english application language.

I am now working as consultant helping other international companies doing the same - many different companies in one database. If you need more advice you can contact me directly.

So are you Freelancing now?

Something like that. Started my own company with one employee currently specialising in international finance and global projects.