Using NAV Database in Other Application

hai there, i want to use Nav database (Sales Shipment Header) with Visual Studio. NET

will it be troubled to Nav appliation?

in my VB.NET application , it will be modified function

for example Sales Shipment header.Correction = ‘0’

then with my application it’s value could be modified to ‘1’

what do you think about that?

please i need opinions , thanx for your answer

Hi Stan,

In my opinion, all modification of data must be done from within the NAV-client.

The primarily reason for that, is that you can’t fire the OnModify-trigger from outside.
Also if you delete a record (That is not the case in Your example, I know), NAV-client makes sure to do a proper cleanup.

I’ve made solutions where some other app. puts data into NAV, but always have done with writing into seperate tables, that are created just for that purpose, and then put a NAS to handle the inserted data accordingly.

You can recreate all triggercode in Your app., but I’ll bet my left hand (and I’m a leftie) that at some point it is bound to go wrong. (someone puts new code on the trigger)