Using Lookup functionality in Forms.

I have a situation in which I need to use filter on lookups in a form rather than Table. I have one “standard” table having standard values for categories – “Assembly”,“Media”,“Replication” etc. These values are referenced in “Transaction” table . My requirement is to create Forms based on “Trasaction” table for each category.If a user is in “Assembly” form he/she should be restricted to enter only Assembly information .If I set filter at Table level , the I will have to create table for each category.Which is not possible in our case.Is there way to restrict lookup info at Form level ? Thanks in advance. Ajay

Yes, it is very easy: I have a similar aarrangement. I have comment categories by table, I also have an Enabled boolean on the category table so you can deactivate the category if desired. On the Category Text Box for, say, the customer comments form the table relation statement is: “Comment Categories”.Category WHERE (Enabled=CONST(Yes),Usage=CONST(Cust. Comments)) “Usage” being the field that indicates what the category is used for.