using labels on atlas lists

Wondering if there’s a way to have AX lables on Atlas list headings ( I know you can use labels on text in cells…but can’t seem to find a way to have the labels in the field names/ headers on the report?)


I am a new user with AX and Atlas. While in the Atlas task pane, Style List, select: Report Columns (your source name is dispalyed), Add/Remove Fields; then select the new fields, use the arrows keys to change the order if needed & Insert. Then save the report.

Hope this helps.

I am looking for some more users of Atlas in this group and would to stay in touch with you. I am currently having a problem where my report calculations do not update when I refresh the report. Have you had any problem with this or know anyone that could help? (I posted this question here a few days ago.)

Hi Donna

Unfortunately, that only adds new fields into the report. I was hoping to take advantage of the language labels ie. if I select german as the user’s language, the report headings would update to display german headings.


Hi Barb,

Yes, I see what you mean.

Have you had any problems with formula calculations not updating after you refresh a report?

Thanks, Donna

did you check on excel options that calculations were set to automatic?


Check out these videos; there is something in the first one regarding lables.

I found it interesting that the uk user who does the first video doesn’t use the ‘Refresh’ when he updates reports from the drive cell. Do you use Refresh or just update as in the video? This is where we are having issues with calculations, so I am testing more.


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Just checked; yes the setting is on automatic.


Barb, checkout this video; it has some information regarding lables.


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