Using imgscan.ocx with NF

Hi all, Our customer wants to scan photos directly into NF. I’ve found a standard OCX wich is called “imgscan.ocx”. With this control I should be able to work with the scanner as a TWAIN device. This control seems to work, I can select a TWAIN device (In my case it’s a HP 5100C) and I can test if the hardware and software is allright with the command “IsScannerAvailable()”. But when I try to start the scan (i.e. “StartScan()” or “OpenScanner()” ) I get an internal error. Has someone managed to scan with NF. Thanks in advance, Ivor van Son MediMath Vision The Netherlands

Ivor, You are probably not setting enough properties for the scancontrol. When I lookup this control from within VB, there are a lot of options, like ScanTo (screen, disk), filetype, and so on. There is an extensive Help for this control available, however. Look in your windows\help directory for the file IMGOCX.HLP and run this. John (ook uit Nederland :slight_smile: )

We’ve created an automation controller which handles the job. You can download it at WWW.FALCON.NL\DOWNLOAD\DOWNLOAD_PICTURESCAN.HTM