Using expense items without the inventory module

Hi! How can I manage this case as I dont use Inventory module now but I will in the next phase. We’re just buying through GL accounts. We buy a can of coke that has part number ABC-coke from COCA COLA cie. Does this part number need to be in the Inventory for the part number to appear on the PO. How do we handle the fact that the part is not a real inventory stock (expensed when received). Ps: We need to have Part number as a description on all reports ( PO, Receipt, Invoice) not GL account. Thanks.

You really don’t want to use the beginers forum do you [:D] This is one of the very first things that new NSCs try to do, and there is a specific clause in the NSC license that covers it. basically Navision don’t want you using coding or other workarounds to avoid buying license. Though from their point of view it is a money thing, in reality, it is very rare that it makes sense for an NSC to work around the license. Best is just to get the client to buy the Items granule, especially if they are planning to do it in the future. Of course you could just add a table link it to GL and Purchase Line, a few lines of code, and its done, but in that time, just seelt he Items granule, and train the users, it is the better solution. Its liek the difference between selling a car with airconditioning, and telling the client to just open the window.

Hi David! My client has already bought an Inventory module ( implementation of that is in the next phase , 2 months from now) and does not want to use items and still want to purchase goods through Gl accounts. I know that for them it’s not user friendly to change description everytime that they buy something. So is there any work around or no? Thanks

Hi Tatiana, I replied to this post, only to then after posting find that you had two more virtually identical posts. I know that you don’t call this cross posting, but …[V] Basically if I read all five of you posts, I can now see what your question is. If you had put all the information in one post, it would make life a lot easier. [:D] From reading ALL your posts, I think the following. Your customer has purchasd a full Navision license, and is planning to implement in phases. Phase 1 is to implement the GL, and to do only the Accounting components of all transactions. In later pahses they will implement Inventory Fixed assets etc. The issue is that in phase 1 you want ot make sure that users post such that when the later phases are activated, the data will be concistant, and there will be no isses. The specific issues, are: 1/ how can we in phase 1 make it easy to create Purchase Orders for expense items. 2/ How can we prevent transactions other than GL on purchases 3/ etc… If this is correct, then lets try to get some anwers. 1/ Real beginers question, so Ill post it there.

ok Thanks! I will read what you have to say about that in the Beginners forum