Using EP off-line or over slow WAN

Hello again

We have several remote offices and very remote ships. At the moment, for them, using the EP is an inferior solution to the various old ways we have of working - usually a phone call to ask ‘Can you do this for me?’.

I would like to know of any solutions for using EP offline, or at the minimum, speeding it up over a slow WAN. I have checked the forum for this and the most recent post seems to be 2006 and they are all about the Client, not EP.

We do use Citrix, but that is slow in some cases and is inapplicable for many of our vessels, as they have limited opportunities for connecting with any network.

Wikipedia tells me about three companies that have created solutions for using and syncing Sharepoint offline:

Colligo, Infonic (ex-iOra) and Digi-Link.

Has anyone here contacted these companies about whether their products work with EP? If not I will write to them myself and pass on their answers here.



PS I have noted the other non-technical questions about this issue, such as number series for records. Right now I am more concerned about the technical side.

If you are looking at a NAV offline capability, you should also look at LS Retail data director as an option.

The whole idea of EP was to create a simple but ONLINE interface to NAV, conceptually I don’t see how it would work off line.