Using Drawing Nos in Nav4

Hi all!

what is the an easy way to link a drawing No into several Part numbers in Navision?

My customer has a Engineering dep that manages Item numbers, BOM numbers and drawing nos and they want to be able to see:

  • In which parts numbers an existing drawing number appears

  • for a specific part number, where are the different drawing nos.

They are using Manufacturing in Navision.

So the way that i did that was t:

  • Create a drawing no as an item part in Navision

  • Create a an assembly list where the drawing number will be inserted so that we can used the 'where used "option. But in that cas how can i have multiple boms for the same item. ( I’m not talking here about the PBOM but the assembly list) .They will also used a PBOM but really for all inventory components.

So pleas guys if you have some suggestions I am open.

Thanks in advance

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