Using DLL's in Navision

I’m looking for a document describing the rules for integrating/using DLL files in your Navision C/AL code. The Navision version I need this for is Navision 4.0.

The question from my developer was if he could used .NET objects as “variables” in the DLL’s?

But I also like to know more about what’s allowed and what’s not allowed when using DLL’s.

Ok, let me just bump this thread with a few more questions.

Is there a guide line somewhere (or can someone tell me) what to remember when developing a new DLL to be used from Navision?

You can read this blog and there is an example on using .NET dll in NAV. One thing to remember is that when you register the DLL

Make sure you register like this

regasm.exe yourautomation.dll. /tlb:yourautomation.tlb /codepage

also when using it in NAV make sure at the end of your code to clear the automation. Otherwise you’ll have memory leak.

I know this is an old topic…but you just saved my life here :slight_smile: thanks