Using Direct Delivery with Procurement Change Management enabled?

I would like to be able to use the Direct Delivery functionality, but when I try to create a PO using the Direct Delivery button from the Sales Order, I get the following error message:

Direct delivery and intercompany purchase orders cannot be created for vendor 00000xxxxx, because change management is enabled and required for this vendor.

Is there a way to set up the purchasing workflow so that direct deliveries can be used, or are the two functions incompatible?

We are running AX 2012 R2

Thanks for any help!

You need to enable the “allow override of settings per vendor” in procurement parameters.

Then enable the override settings , change management and allow override of settings per purchase order for the vendors in Purchase order defaults tab.

Ok, with this solution I can create Direct Delivery PO’s for vendors set to allow override, but then all Purchase Orders for the vendor bypass the workflow, direct delivery or not.

Ideally, I’d like the direct delivery PO to be created and go through workflow, which is what happens if I create a PO from within the Sales order (not direct delivery).

Is that possible?

If you allow the override settings at vendor, then the change management is is to be activated for that particular vendor.

I think the direct delivery PO would be auto approved even the change management is activated.

Hi, Lee

Did you get this to work? I am running into the same situation.

It is a design that you cannot run inter-company and direct delivery purchase orders with change management enabled on the vendor. If required it is a customization, but one that needs to be thought about very carefully, especially considering what you are trying to achieve with inter-company.

Hi, Adam

Thank you for your response. I am not sure how inter-company comes into play. Forgive me I am very new to AX. Our direct deliveries are a Sales Order to a 3rd party customer and a PO to a 3rd party vendor. So in this case, nothing is “intercompany” unless I am missing something and confused by terminology. Please clarify if you can. I am thinking that we need to put some code on the “Direct Delivery” button that generates the PO from the SO so it unchecks the “Activate change managment” box on the PO. (We do not want POs merely created for Direct Delivery to be submitted to PO Workflow)

Inter-company is different from a direct delivery, because the customer is not within your organisational hierarchy.

If you have the same vendor who will provide direct delivery and not and you want the change management activated in those instances where it is not a direct delivery then you would need to customize it so that once the direct delivery process was initiated the change management is bypassed (assuming you want it bypassed).

I am glad to see some new activity on this topic. Like Sandy, our Direct Delivery PO’s would also be to a 3rd party vendor who would deliver straight to our customer. No Intercompany. We would still want workflow to be in effect for these PO’s. But it sound like this requires a customization. I understand why it would be bypassed for Intercompany, but I don’t really understand the logic for a regular 3rd party vendor. But there are a lot of things I don’t understand :).

Does AX operate under the assumption that a direct delivery PO would only be for intercompany?


Oops, I see Adam has already answered.

Thanks Adam!

No. Not at all is this assumption made, you can have direct delivery inter-company orders, but you can have direct delivery orders that have nothing to do with inter-company.

I only know the exceptions. Inter-company transactions avoiding workflow I can see some merit in, direct delivery I believe should be an option. I believe MS probably took the easiest option and excluded them from the process, not something I would want with Direct Deliveries, but that is how it works, if it is not what you want you can load a Connect request, or customize it.

Hi, Lee. I have taken a few months off from the PO Change Mangement project and now I am back to this issue again. I did some more experimenting with the setup.

If appears that I can create the Direct Delivery PO without any problems as long as I have these settings:

1.) Procurement and Sourcing>Setup>Procurment and sourcing parameters>General>“Allow override of setting per vendor” checked.

2.)Then, for any vendor that will be used in a Direct Delivery PO, I need to have these three boxes checked in the Vendor account record: “Override settings”, “Activate Change mangement”, and “Allow override of settings per purchase order”. (these are under the “Purchase order default” fasttab)

With these settings, I can create the direct delivery PO without error (the direct delivery PO does NOT go into workflow). However, if I use this same vendor and create a non-direct delivery PO it DOES go into workflow as we desire.

Hi Sandy,

I tried above process, but getting same error.

1.Enabled the Override settings, activate Change management, Allow override of settings per purchase order

2.and purchase Type : purchase order

when I tried to create purch order with workflow and intercompany getting problem.

The intercompany sales order cannot be created in company XXXX, because change management is enabled and required for vendor XXXXX,