Using DB1 in Fixed assets with variable deprecatin

One of our prospects has unequal dep periods. 9 and 3 months. Straight line gives no problem.He wants a DB1 method also to be used. Say there is an asset 1000/ at 10% dep. He wants to dep for 9 months. That will be 75. and next 3 months the dep will be 25. nad after the end of period it should be reset to 900 now and the process should go on. I tried DB1 method in navision. Giving 75 and 25 as dep amounts in fine for variable periods but then problme comes for the next year. It still takes 1000 as base amount instead of 900 for the new financial year. How does navision recognise that the year had ended and that the base amount should be reset. How do we handle the un equal dep rates in general. As of now I can thinkof only one solution. use DB1 with 4 periods in a year. Calculate dep for 4 quarter. combine 3 quarters into one entry and 4 th one as a different entry( thoug it does involves some work for the end user!!!). [:(]

Hey Venu, If you use DB1 and put in the “Declining Balance %” and the starting date accordingly in the FA Card you should get what you wanted. While running the calculate depreciation batch job use the dates according to the periods corresponding Cheers