Using CFRONT from VB.Net

No Insert Whining and begging here… 2 days, 27 reds but no replies. Is no one using with cfront? I understand via another post that cfront and c# was throwing a type mismatch error on calcfields as well but I still can’t find a resolution. Please help. Insert all the newbie excuses here Could someone PLEASE present a simple end to end set of code (preferably tested) in VB.Net language that does the following: Opens a company Opens the Customer Table Prompts for a customer number Uses the entered customer number to display current balance, 30 days past due, 60 days past due and over 60 days past due. I know, I know you could just look at the ar aging in the customer card - this is supposed to be a useful learning exercise. I have tried every way I can think of and have researched every help and internet source I could find and I still can’t get past the calcfields method after setting the Date Filter to a range of dates representing 1-30 days Here’s a partial code sample (just have to believe that the Subroutines [I mostly plagerized them straight out of the example in the CFRONT SDK for Attain 3.7] exist and seem to be working and that all fields have been dimed) SetCF() OpenCompany() customerT = OpenTableByName("Customer") SetCustomerFilter(customerT) customerR = NewRecord(customerT) CF.FindRec(customerT, customerR, "-") SetDateFilter(customerT, days1_30) FieldNoArray = CF.FieldNo(customerT, "Balance") CF.CalcFields(customerT, customerR, FieldNoArray) Balance = CF.GetFieldData(customerT, customerR, FieldNoArray) MsgBox(Balance) This code is casting a Type Mismatch on the CalcFields method. The arrays are defined as objects like this: DIM FieldNoArray() as Object I could sure use a hand here. Thanks in advance.