Using BOM's in sales orders

I want to use BOM’s in sales orders in a way that will allow me to establish BOM’s with costprices from the BOM-lines, but with manually set salesprices. I then need to write a picklist with the BOM lines, but invoice only the ‘BOM header’. Is there a way to achieve this without programming ? When I want to expand the BOM (for picklist using Explode BOM) there seem to be no way back (‘unexplode’ for invoice purpose) I use Navision 4.0, i don’t keep inventory, and I am not using Manufactoring. …Bjarte F

I think, there is no way without programming… all lines are printed in standard report…

Kamil is correct, programming is required but the programming side is quite simple, all you need is a report referencing the sales line to the item to the BOM component and call it from the sales order. But then everyone who does not develop says developing is easy in Navision [:D]