Using Bom

Hi, I faced this problem in creating a bom for some of the items of our client. The item has some variable components as well as some fixed components. For an example, take a chochlate cake. The product is chochlate cake, but the size may differ ( It may have thousands of sizes). For this we need to use 2 lbs of flour per each lb of chochlate. Further although the weight of the cake vary, only one cherry needs to be added to the bom. How to set up this environment Item: The cake Raw Material: Flour 2lbs per 1lb of cake 1 cherry for every cake. Please help. Thanks. Moditha.

The best solution would be to use multiple BOM’s, ie one for the cake mixture, and then to that item you add 1 cherry. In fact the cake mixture would probably be a phantom BOM.

Hope this is clear and is of some help


Thanks Andrew, I tried it. But what I couldnt get was the user will enter the item as cake in the sales order. Say the customer needs 1 peice of cake of 15*10 cm2. But the components are created in for an item(1 cake). I cant find the way to connect the base unit of measure of peices(PCS) to the area (cm2). So that the weight of raw materials do not vary with the size of the cake.

Andrew is saying you have a BOM for your cake base, then the sales BOM calls the base cake and 1 cherry, so it becomes a nested BOM.

NAV does not have the variable/constant flag like AX does.


Got the point now. Serves one part of my problem. Is ther any way the user to enter the size of the cake in the sales order.

So the item is cake, thus the sales item in concern is cake.

Well that depends, different cakes could be different part numbers, so the size is dictated by the item number, which is sensible. Obvoiusly if you stocked you cakes in KG’s or something then the quantity would be teh weight and the size, not really sure what you are getting at here.