Using ATL COM in NAV2009

Hi All, I have my add-on integrated with NAV5.0 W1. The add-on is created using ATL COM component(unmanaged code). I am now trying to upgrade to NAV2009. The add-on works fine with NAV2009 Classic Client but not with Role Tailored Client. The transformation process is carried out successfully. But when i run Role Tailored Client and try to access the integrated functionality, it crashes by closing the server connection. I have tried various alternatives but no luck. Does any one have an idea as to why Role Tailored Client fails to call the COM interface functions? Eg:- Codeunit : ApplicationManagement CompanyOpen() { … WMI.Init() //WMI → Variable of type WM Interface } Codeunit: WM Interface Init() { … CREATE(WM) //WM → Automation variable of type ATL COM WM.Initialize(…) //Initialize() → COM Interface function … } Thanks, Hemant