Using Access to bring NF info to staff

For many years we have transferred salesstatistics and lots of other info to our company staff not connected to the NF in the company network (travelling salesmen etc.) We have worked out a way that enables faster and more correctly updated now by using Access (any other ODBC connecting platform may do?) to bring out in a more humane way the relevant info. Packing things into an application (run time module) and burning this to a CD-rom on a monthly (or more often) basis. By password the access to info is limited to one neede by the dpt. or salesperson. It requires some time to build, but then only about 2 hours a month to distribute and update for all personnel. It is - I know- only one way still, but it is much more comprehensive and easy for everybody. I consider this a cheap but smart alternative to connecting from outside (with all the risks) and also since NF is a good container of info but not a good provider of structured information for non skilled users it enables each company to give the presentation of its important key figures to the relevant persons.

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