Uses of Dimension field in salestable and salesline?


Salestable, salesline, vendtable and vendline many dimension field is there. what are the uses? how to differentiate each field in one table eg:Salestable? how to execute these dimension fields.

Please explain


It is to segment financial reporting entries, as a simple example if you entered the business reporting dimensions on the customer when you load a sales order and invoice it these are passed for financial analysis.

My question is For eg: Take salesorder table dimension field one only there. but while open table three dimension colums is there with values, in form designing also dimension1,dimesion2 and dimesion 3 EDT field is there.

How to do this? how to insert dimension field value seperate? How to Execute?

Please can you explain?

I believe you are talking about AX2009?

Dimensions in AX 2009 are array elements. If you would like to insert or update the dimension, then call in this way: dimension[1], dimension[2], dimension[3] which represents your first, second and third dimensions(Dept, cost center etc…).