Is it possible for me to be able to view all users and the time they all log in and what they presently doing because if you have 20 users licence and all 20 log in some may be idle and you need to log them out of Navision Tell me how to go about it.

Under “File - Database - Information” on the Page “Session” you find the Number of User loged in. If you click on the Drill-Down-Button you get a list with detailed Information. Using the Zoom (Strg+F8) gives some more Informations about every loged User. But you can not see wether a user is idle or not. Greetings, Frank

On Navision 4.0, a column named “Idle Time” has been added to the Sessions window allowing a certain control over user inactivity.

You can download software that looks at clients for keyboard and mouse activity. I’m sure that I saw that on another posting.

I think it might have been expandit client control ( The client control works very well, although the downside of it is that it has to be installed on every machine that is to be monitored. Regards, edd

Or if you are running SQL Server you could try the kill idle SQL script found at: However, we tried it and it kept crashing the client after disconnecting the user. It appears to be a bug in the Navision client because the same thing happens on 3.70 when you pull the network cable out of the box… Regards Meint

Version 4.0 allows you to delete a session too.

Pressing F4 (delete) on the Session you wish to close, right? But is it valid for the native database? The functionality was already existing in 3.70 SQL Server Option.

The ability to delete a session record (and disconnect that session) for navision server is now in 4.0, along with the Idle Time field you mentioned. In other words the same behaviour is available for both server types as of 4.0.

Hadn’t read about it, thanks for the info.