Users Group Permissions

Hi, i would like to ask about users group permissions!.

The case is, i have a group name “User01PurchaseRequisition” with 100 domainID (01,02,03,04,05,06,07…100). One of the domainID here has been set up menu access “Purchase Requisition” to Full Control. The question is how to find which domainID “Purchase Requisition” menu is Full Control? Is there any way to do it? or We need to do some SQL query to select it out, if so can you tell me which table is it for this permissions?

Thank you very much

hi qiwei,

i can help in how to know what permission that used and in what roles it sit,

go to “Purchase Requisition” Menu ITem, right click, Add ins, security , security roles

now a table is showed with what the roles, duties, permissions,… for the this menu item, locate what you want.

i hope this be useful for you,


Ahmad Saify

AccessRightsList (system table in AX 2009)