Users changing password/network account name

Is it normal for users to be able to change their passwords? And can they somehow be disallowed to change their network account name? For example I want to allow them to be able to change thier password, but not to be able to change network account name. Because if they set account name of someone with admin priviledges, this is BAD.

Ho Bojan, So far I haven’t had any requests from my earlier projects in this line. So I really haven’t looked into this yet. But if you want to control users accessing it, you can write something like this in the init() method of SysUserSetup - if (currentUserid == "Bojan") { UserInfo_OsAccountName.allowEdit(true); } else { UserInfo_OsAccountName.allowEdit(false); } This code block would make sure that for “Network account name” except for you nobody would be able to edit it. Before you go down this line remember these two points - 1. Remember to change this field (UserInfo_OsAccountName) auto declaration property to yes. 2. Remeber to write this after super(). If required instead of individuals, you can also control this functionality by user group. Last but not least have a dig around the existing security features whether you can control this functionality through Axapta itself. From the way the standard code goes around, looks like there could be some standard functionality as well. Not sure though !! Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu