Users can't post Time sheets in DAX 2012


All of a sudden our users can’t create Time sheets since yesterday. It started yesterday morning and later it was fine and they were able to create as usual. But the problem started again today.

They are getting these errors:

Timesheet periods have not been created for
No active period for the selected date 5/13/2015
Review timsheet workflow

I checked the periods, Relations, Period codes, and periods are also active for both semi monthly and Weekly as defined in our system. I am still not sure what might be causing the issue. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.



I believe it refers to Human resources > Setup > Time and attendance > Payroll > Period Types (and Periods there).

Hello Martin,

Thanks for the response. However, I do not see a Payroll under the Time and attendance for me to find the Period Types. Sorry for got to mention that we are using 2012 CU3 . If you meant, the Project management and accounting> Setup> Timesheets>Timesheet period types, then I looked at the periods for the users for both weekly and SemiMonth and all look good and they are created until 12/31/2015. Am I missing something from your note?



Actually, it’s the same table.

If all the periods defined there are all right, I guess that there is a period type missing completely. Review what period type are your workers linked to.

PS: I’m currently using AX 2012 R2 CU7.