UserInfo Table - Is not visible in AOT


I would like to add a new field to the above Table (Say the Department Name). But it is not visible in the AOT.

My issue is, we have lot of users and at times we don’t know who the User is and which Dept. he belongs to?

Also at times we need to sort all users to see them together based on Dept.


Thomas Philipose

It’s a system table. You can find it under AOT > System documentation > Tables, nevertheless you’re not allowed to change the schema of system tables. But you can modify SysUserInfo table. Or create a new mapping table.

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Dear Martin,

Sorry, I don’t know how to create a new Mapping. If I create a new Mapping table, will it help me to input the Department Name of each user through the SysUserInfoPage form and also to sort/filter on this field?


Thomas Philipose

The mapping table would contain references to primary keys of tables being mapped (user ID and department ID in this case). You surely can join such a tables with other tables for filtering or any other purpose.