Usercontrol dll problem in ax 2012 r2

I am using UserControl as ManagedHost control in AX 2012 R2.Now I moved all UserControl.xaml.cs code to a new class library and added it as a reference in original usercontrol project.But using this class library,the method from c# which is called in ax is not called anymore.There is no compile time error but the Usercontrol class method is not called.
Can anyone help me?


Did you deploy the new class library so AX can find it at runtime? What do you see if you debug your user control (by attaching VS debugger to AX client)?

Yes I had build class library in release mode. And at debug time AX is not finding methods of user control. So basically it will return null to AX. And i was working completely fine before creating separate class library.

Release mode makes no difference. My question is whether you’ve installed the library somewhere where the AX client can find it to execute its code.

What does return null? If the method can’t be found, it can’t return anything, including null. Either null is returned by some other method, or your method gets found and it simply returns an unexpected value, which is a completely different problem.

Ok thanks martin issue solved. i was missing to include reference of ref dll in AX.

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