User wise Sales Order


I want to restrict sales order through user wise in AX 2009. I have lots of users and I want that every user can see his own sales order only that they have created.

I tried to use Sales Responsible field in query of Record Level Security. But I found that we can restrict only one user through this.

How can I do this for all users?


What does this mean? RLS applies to a user group

you can set the range value as below


I mean if there are multiple users in a group , all users in that group can see all sales order created by any user from that group.

have you tried by setting the range value as suggested earlier?

I have tried this. But i didn’t get any solution. What to do?


I think you can add range to the sales table and you can add the user id range to it.

So it will display the SO for the user id’s. check this.



I think adding the user id to the sales table range will resolve your issue, can you paste your query to check.