User Time Register Permissions

Hello Everyone. I am having a problem using the user time register functionality. Does anyone know the necessary permissions to log the users’ time? I am building a role for external-user login and I want to be able to track the amount of time on the system. Problem is that after giving the user alot of access and access to read, insert, modify to the User Time Register table, Read access to User Setup, and Read Access to User, Navision will still not track the time. If I make a login as a super it works. If I make a login with the all, plus user, and g/l setup still doesn’t work. Someone surely has done this before. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Nav Native DB 3.10 running on 3.6 executables and clients. Thanks in advance. Owen Mc Donald

Hi again [:)] I believe you will find your solution along these lines: 1) What Roles did you give the External Users? Only the Role you created specially for this purpose? You should also assign the External Users with the “ALL” Role. This Role contains the most basic Permission set, check to see if you have assigned this Role. 2) Go to General Ledger → Setup → Users → User Setup. For each User you want to do time registering, you should check the field “Register Time”. If have not yet created “User Setup” records for the External Users, you should do so. Hope it’s clear, bye!

I read your question again. It looks like you have assigned the ALL role, so maybe 1) is not interesting for you. Check the User Setup.

Hello again Nelson. Still trying to figure out the correct permissions setup. I have tried the all role. I have also done the user setup to track the time spent on a session. Neither of these get me an entry in the user register table. Problem is that I cannot give them any pre-defined roles. All the roles provide way too much access into the system. These users are really customers and the fact is we should be using commerce portal or user portal to accomplish what we want. Due to the direction we have decided to take, I need to lock down everything on the client. No zoom access, no filters, main menu is new custom form. So I have resorted to giving my extern-user role each security permission one by one (long and tedious process). Needless to say, I did not think that I would have a problem with the time registers. I am going to try the all role again (perhaps I missed up the setup to register time) and see if it updates the time register table. Thanks + Best Rgds, Owen Mc Donald

Still no entries in the time register table. The only role I have found that actually registers time is the super and one other highly customized role. The highly customized role’s user reg and user setup rights are more restricting than what I have been assigning. I am giving up for the day. Owen

Are there any changes to the default permissions of the ALL Role? When Navision was rolled out, were the Permissions and standard Roles copied from the original CRONUS database? Are there any changes to the application objects, most importantly Codeunit 1? This is so simple, isn’t it crazy when it happens? We must be sleeping to miss it [|)] I know I am… see you tomorrow!

I figured it out. Should have thought about the code more. Because the user’s never access the main menu the Application Management Functions LoginStart - LoginEnd are never called on open or on close form. DOH!! I simply needed to copy call those functions from my new form and everything works properly. Thanks again for your help. Owen

A-HA! lol