User Specific Parameters

HI all,

Do anyone know how user specific parameters can be implemented in axapta ? I have a requirement where i need to create a parameter for Production module and it should be maintained in user level.

i have added a parameter to production module, But if any user changes the value of this parameter, every other users are affected. Please let me know if implementing user level parameters is possible in axapta.

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One way of implementing this is you should have a table to store the parameter values user wise when ever the it gets modified/selected. The data from this table should be used while doing some process based on this parameter. While opening the form you should get the values from the created table and need to show them in the parameters form.


What exactly do you want to store at user level? If you could explain the business scenario briefly, it will be easier to suggest the optimum way for this.

Hey thanks for your reply… i created a new table and it worked out [:)]