User Setup: The ability to create and post journal entries in Navision

Hello! I am new to navision and have two questions.

  1. What ability (in user setup) allows users to create/post journal entries? (For example, if I was creating a user and wanted them to have the ability to post journal entries, then what ability or permission would I need to give them?)

  2. Is there a difference between creating and posting entries in Navision? Are they two separate abilities? If so, what permission gives a user the ability to create but not post?

Thank you very much!

Welcome to DUG

Please check default roles given in cronus database.

You can find then under tools–>Security–>roles.

Ex; INVT-ITEM JNL which allows you to Create entries in item jnls.

INVT-ITEM JNL, POST allows you to Post item journals

You have to assign these roles to users

from Tools–>Security–>Windows Login/Database Login–>Roles

Hi Karly,

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? If you did, would you mind sharing it with us and if any of the posted answers helped you on the way, then please verify them.

Thank you.