User Security

Hi All

Is there any way to not give the access to the “file” option on the form: please refer the screenshot

Thanks in advance.

change the form’s style property for example to dialog will not have the “file” option.

Thanks Simon for your reply.

But here i think you are talking about, when we create the new form. i want it in the all AX Standard forms.

I don’t think it’s possible and I don’t think you should do it at all. Why do you want to prevent users from accessing things like Save, Print and View options through menu? Isn’t your goal actually something else?

i just want to block the tool option and there we have so may option from which the user can play and the most important one is the session date and time, currency etc.

You can remove some permissions from the System User role (and assign them to other roles, if required). For example, the access to Session date and time is granted by ClientEssentials privilege. You can go a remove the SystemDate entry point from there.

Yes I do agree with martin.It is not possible to give the access to that file option to a particular can create the users and allocate permissions.

  • Krisheed