user Role

Hi, A am a Newbe, I like to set up a user witch have acces to Sales, orders and Quotes Wath role is richt for this. I have no with this user no access to man menu error?. Regards, Wim Kuiper.[:D]

You must give an access the the following roles: - ALL (All users) - S&R-Q/O/I/R/C (Create sales orders etc.) The role ALL will give access to all forms in the system (if the user can access the data. You should give the role ALL to all users, except SUPER users.

You can direct the user to the Sales & Receivables menu using : General Ledger, Setup, Users, User Setup. If the Main Menu is 333 on the Sals & Receivables menu is available. When the Main Memu column is 0 then all menus are available.