User / Role specific MenuSuites

Well, I am trying to give the new Navision 4.0 Menus a chance, but the more I use them the less I like them… How do I create a custom menu for a user or group of users? For example, when a customer has a Sales Order Entry staff, you could set them up where upon logon, it opens a menu with maybe just two options: Sales Orders and Sales Quotes. Now, they have a whole complicated list to choose from! I’m sure I could program that in there, but isn’t there a native way to create custom role-based menus for the users? Thx M

Hi Not really my area, but if you go into navigation pane designer right mouse click on the menus you do not want them to have and select the assign users option and unselect them, then upon logging in they will not see these menus. Additionally you could design your own menu giving them the simple options you describe and only give them access to this menu.

Hi Steven

We use Windows logins instead of Database Logins. So I created several Windows Domain Groups (for example “Finance”) So I put all finance employees in this Windows group an assigned this Windows AD Group to the Windows Logins (example: domain1\Finance) for Navision. So far so good. The finance employees can login to the Navision DB (Company). Now I would like to restrict the menu (right mouse click on the menu) for example Purchase. My question is now is it possible to assign Windows AD group instead of one by one Windows user account to the menu Suite. I tried this but the finance users (assigned via Domain Group) still see the menu Purchase.

Is this behaviour (assigned only user to menu) by design or do I understand something wrong.

Many thanks in advance

Roman Arnold